Participation model

Aside from the highest quality and competence for a sustainable growth, ADVENTURY® also wants companies to be able to use financial properties in economically challenging times the right way, to significantly reduce the risk of an unprofitable investment.

That is why ADVENTURY® developed a unique business model:
We invest collectively with you in your corporate future.
Our investment are services all relating brand and business development.

Your benefits

We convert up to


of your costs for our collaboration into a share in profits.

The Adventury® quotation process

The entire quotation process happens in close coordination between you and ADVENTURY®.


Scope of services

Definition of the scope of services and therefore overall costs for a collaboration with ADVENTURY®


Overall costs

Division of the overall costs into a fixed and a variable part


Fixed portion

Accounting of the fixed portion along the lines of conventional agency & counseling models.


Variable portion

Conversion of the variable portion into a share in profits.

In addition to the contents, coverage and duration of the collaboration, following criteria are decisive for the proportion of the fixed and variable part of the monetary performance package:

Types of
target achievement

Sales and/or revenue development, e.g., in relation to:
Other performance metrics, e.g., in relation to:

Types of
profit sharing

Participation in sales in different specifications.
Sliding scale commissions dependent of the target achievement.


The strategic orientation, as well as the business plan of the company.
The mutual interpretation of potentials of the collaboration.

Find out more

To find out more about the ADVENTURY® participation model and how it can be organized individually for your company, we are looking forward to a nonbinding personal conversation with you.

Our revolutionary offer

In collaboration with you, we join in on the costs for your investment in the future.

That is why you also gain, apart from the highest quality in points of strategy and realization, the chance on a unique risk minimization, through ADVENTURY®.

The AVY Warranty

Highest quality with maximum cost efficiency.

And a lot of motivation. For we are only successful when you are, too.